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YouTube video lessons available

YouTube video lessons available

All ten books created for the Suzuki Violin lessons are well demonstrated with different type of instructional videos found on a newly created page created with you in mind and because of your feedback requesting more visual instruction. Some of these videos show the fingering of each song as well as the bow movement. I picked out thirteen individuals who show how to play as many as eight of the ten books with different styles to allow you to find just that one that fits you best. You will also find a row of links to videos from Google giving you individual links to much more than just these thirteen people. The videos have helped me in my training and it should help you as well.

YouTube web page

Suzuki Violin YouTube links

Practice Music used more than ever

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Thank you for making use of this site for your music practice. The site was created 17 July 2001 and has seen a wide use in the way it has been used. Of special interest are the individual pieces of practice music required for each of the songs required to learn. We hope you will find a way you can make use of the music and tools provided on the site.

Visit the menu buttons above and see if there might be a tool or two you can put to use while learning how to play the violin. Please let us know if you know of a website you like to use and would like to see a reference to. If you found it useful, chances are many other would like to use it as well.

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– Steve

Site being reworked for better interaction


Just to let you know that, no, the site isn’t down, just under a major overhaul to provide for a better experience and to offer more information on the Suzuki method of teaching the violin. A cleaner but more graphical appearance is in the works.¬† Thank you for your patience.

If you are looking for the practice music, you can find it in the menu bar just above. If you click on it you will be taken to a page with all of the music to practice with. This new site should also work well with all mobile devices.  Have fun.

~Violin1Mission Statement – is an organization of parents, children and music instructors working together to promote and support Talent Education in their communities, enhancing our quality of life by cultivating musical success through the mastery of each small step.